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Here are the questions and answers that all you want to know about Fumiqo community.

What is Fumiqo? What is the foundation purpose?

Fumiqo, which was established in 2020 and is a new project; It is an online platform that connects talents with TV studios, TV networks, film production companies and advertising agencies. It is global. In other words, it is the platform that brings together all online and offline agencies and talents from all over the world.

Thanks to Fumiqo, all those who can participate in TV commercials, video clips, movies and other categories have a chance to meet. In summary, the purpose of its establishment is to have a structure that aims to bring both talents and talent hunters together.

What is the structure of Fumiqo? What are the contents of the categories?

There is a formation as a B2B / B2C and TALENT side.

B2B: Talent seeking advertising industry, entertainment and arts industry, marketing

B2C: Chef, sports coach, social media influencer and event services that people need to reflect their lifestyle,

And the Talent side.

We created the categories as follows.





Sports Trainers

Makeup Artists



DJs, Vocals, Announcers are our category titles.

Are there any criteria that Fumiqo is looking for on the talent side? Does it have to be experienced?

No, of course not. One of our goals is to make amateurs discover. In other words, all talents, whether talented professionals or amateurs, can sign up.

How the membership is created and the conditions?

Being a member of Fumiqo is as easy as shopping online

There are two options in the membership section.

Talent part,

Indivudual side

On the Talent side, the person creates a Profile by choosing their own category. He shares his personal information, his profile picture. Even more detailed information can be obtained by integrating instagram, facebook,

On the Induvudual side, Worldwide Cast Agencies have the right to become a member of Fumiqo. After creating their portfolio, they present their contact information with their agency information.

Only companies that are members of the site can see the profiles shared by talents

The pricing system for membership is monthly and annual, and e-invoicing is made after the membership process.

You can see how the membership process is here (showing how the tools work with the video created by Ronya)

What are the measures that Fumiqo has taken in the idea of creating a sense of trustworthiness in the membership part?

Talents can decide on which channels the companies or individuals who are members of the system will communicate with them. They can hide it or make it open.

Images and information on the site can only be seen by the indivudual (individual) side.

Images of the members belong to Fumiqo. It cannot be used or copied in any other medium.

Fumiqo can advertise the site with its global online advertisement planning. In this context, it has the right to use the images in the profile created by the talents with reference to the advertisements.

Speaking of membership, I want to touch on an important issue. Membership will be free for the first three months.

What is the most important feature that distinguishes Fumiqo from its competitors?

Actually, this platform, which I refer to as bringing together people we call talent and talent hunters, is separated from its competitors by being the first and only platform.

What are the advantages of Fumiqo for its members?

Before Fumiqo, the process was as follows:

You have a project and you want help from an agency for the character you dream of. The agency chooses 10-15 people determined for you and delivers them to you. You have to choose from these people or you do not like them and make demands for new ones.

Problems encountered here;

Waste of time

Limited number of people

But thanks to Fumiqo, you can find the person (s) that match the character you have created in your mind, thanks to countless, unlimited options. As I said before, you can not only see the photos, but also quickly access social media accounts and have more information, so you can easily and quickly understand whether that person matches the character you are looking for.

On the talent side, the advantages are;

Discovery opportunity for amateurs,

Different projects for celebrities and the possibility of their reputation beyond the borders of the country.

How can talent and talent hunters come together?

Since it is a global platform; For example indivudual - Azerbaijan party or individual wants to model in Russia and Turkey. Thanks to the tools, it is possible to easily access the model you are looking for by filtering. Communication with him is passing. And he can make his deal in one place.

The most important feature here is that talent and talent hunters can communicate with each other. They will be able to communicate quickly and in high quality with the customized messaging system.

You can see the exemplary explanation of how this happens as follows. 

How would Fumiqo summarize its mission with briefly?

Fumiqo specializes in specialization. Fumiqo abilities have their own set of skills. It is a fun and colorful platform. Lifestyle reflects the lifestyle. It is unique and reliable. It is an organization that allows you to discover yourself or to take your reputation globally.

What is Fumiqo's motto?

Are you ready to be discovered and explored? Its motto is our starting point. It is our basic principle to reach and deliver all talents from all over the world. Doing our job with passion is the most important factor in developing this platform.