Diana Katova

Photo Model

I am a well-known model and dreamed of my reputation breaking the boundaries of the country. For membership, the only thing they asked me was firstly to upload the images. And the fact that only talent-seekers can reach these images has increased my sense of trust and I became a member. Later, I started to receive offers from abroad, but there is no project that I have reported yet, but even the proposal received excited me. I wanted to convey my gratitude.


Onat Gökçen

Managing Director

I have been advertising director in the media industry for many years.
I want to write a comment because I thought the media industry needs such an organization.

Due to my profession, I constantly need to reach the talent group in different branches and each talent branch meant different websites, different agencies, blogs and applications for me. But with this innovation brought by fumiqo, I find the opportunity to easily reach both new faces and unexplored talents from a single source.

Thank you FUMIQO for giving me time and choices.


Tamila Pliskachova


Hello everyone. First of all, I want to say that I am very happy that I have stepped into my career goal with fumiqo. There are many agencies on the market and most of them are just for acting. While I was searching how to introduce my dance to the global world and show my talent, I found fumiqo.com. Best of all, you can become a member of the site for free. One week after filling out the form, I was invited. The shots were so funy and everyone from the shooting team to the advertising director was very interested and polite. Thank you for everything fumiqo family.


Aliya Matkazina

Chief Executive

One month ago, I organized a special launch night in the UK and tastes from all over the world should be served at night. The treats would be served in the traditional clothing of each nation. As organizer, if I had not found fumiqo, it would be difficult for me to find chiefs from all over the world, and all of these chiefs were living in England. This made my job easier. Thanks a alot Fumiqo. I am grateful.


Inna Kvirtiya

Fashion Designer

The Fumiqo social platform has become a part of my work for me, since my field of activity is directly related to the selection of talented people for events and shows. It is so comfortable and easy to find the necessary talents on one site. Convenient and intuitive interface greatly facilitates my work and makes it easy and enjoyable. Thanks for the idea to the creators of Fumiqo.


Natalya Ismayilova

Make Up Artist

I am very glad to be a part of this network, thank you for the convenience and benefits that come with my collaboration with this amazing project. I wish this social network prosperity, on which our success partially depends.